What it does?

It allows you to create complex theme settings area in just a few minutes, it requires you to create a "options" file in your theme root folder with a specific function, that returns a array of field configurations, this configurations are then used to create a ajax powered customization area, with a preview panel, to make incredably easy for your theme users to customize their themes.

Speeds up development

Developing feature packed themes is very time consuming and offering customization options to your user is a key feature, Lz Theme Options makes this job really easy, saving you tons of development time.

User Experience

By allowing your users to customizing your theme with a easy to use, clean ajax powered interface with a modern look and ever increasing field types to make customizing quick and fun.

Easy to work with

Working with Lz Theme Options is really easy, I tryed to simplify as much as I could, all you have to do is configure the desired field types and their respective information and that is it, Lz Theme Options does all the rest. Get started and see for you self.

Open Source License

Lz Theme Options is an Open Source project distributed under the AGPL v3 license, a copy of the license is included with every copy of Lz Theme Options, but you can also read the text of the license here.

Want to contribute?

Any help is welcome, bug fixes, pull requests, donations, a cup of coffee, I will take anything, jsut please use the Github issue page to submit any bugs you found, I can't promisse any fast response, but I promisse to do my best to help you in anyway I can.

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